Apophylite & Stillbite Cluster – CJF194


Apophylite & Stillbite Cluster

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Apophylite & Stillbite Cluster – CJF194


46mm x 28mm x 20mm

Apophylite & Stillbite Cluster
A sense of organic originality. The organic emotions, raw and honest, let them breathe and be pure for all to see and feel. The breath ebbs and flows, see where it goes, the pause between for all to be seen
Apophylite – the crown chakra
To shed the facade of what we are expected to be and shine our inner light of truth and authenticity to our own unique indiviudality and sovereignty
Stillbite – the sacral chakra
Cleansing and clearing whilst nurturing the inner child aspect to allow playful creativity in a joyous way

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Dimensions 4.6 × 2.8 × 2.0 cm