Black Obsidian Rough Stones


Black Obsidian Rough Stones – see options for sizes

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Black Obsidian Rough Stones

Available sizes

  1. 115g – 70mm x 35mm x 34mm
  2. 51g – 45mm x 45mm x 26mm
  3. 118g – 57mm x 54mm x 39mm
  4. 57g – 45mm x 41mm x 28mm
  5. 115g – 58mm x 39mm x 31mm
  6. 71g – 46mm x 38mm x 29mm
  7. 65g – 43mm x 42mm x 30mm
  8. 45g – 38mm x 39mm x 15mm
  9. 36g – 41mm x 34mm x 19mm

Black Obsidian
The organic dark seeps through from underground and deep within the core to be illuminated for all to see. The shine isn’t just on the surface. Let Obsidian bring to the surface from the depths, let it cleanse old systems and conditions, remove all that no longer serves including delusion and illusion of what we are meant to be


Weight 0.115 kg
Dimensions 7.0 × 3.5 × 3.4 cm

115g, 51g, 118g, 57g, 115g, 71g, 65g, 45g, 36g