Feldspar & Smokey Quartz Freeform – CJF072


Feldspar & Smokey Quartz Freeform polished stone

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Feldspar & Smokey Quartz Freeform – CJF072


88mm x 82mm x 35mm

Feldspar and Smokey Quartz
Feldspar and smokey quartz feels reptilian in energy and nature. The message of uniting everything together to share and be at one. Waiting for the right moment to act upon ideas and dreams, sewing the seeds and tending until they mature

Smokey Quartz
Such a cleanser of the smog in the mind and emotions. Lifting us back up to see the clarity of the now, the present moment. Allow both good and bad experiences for personal growth. Find the balance in between the see saw of good and bad. The flow is in the middle where our heart energy resides, enjoy the ups and downs of life

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