a little bit About me

Throughout my childhood, I took part in many sports, including dance and fitness. Due to my active background, I have always enjoyed the benefits of movement and wellbeing. My teaching journey started in the fitness boom of the eighties, teaching fitness and movement locally.

When my children were younger, horses were a large part of our lives. This is where I started to discover and learn how Reiki healing energies affect us all. Becoming a Reiki master and teacher opened my mind to the spiritual side of life. Fascinated and intrigued by this outlook, I began practising Ashtanga Yoga which led me to study, qualify and, finally, teach Hatha Raja Yoga in 2010. Having gradually developed a more personalised Yoga system that is both restorative and therapeutic; I now practice these methods regularly in both private and group sessions.

I have always found beauty in the many forms of art; from sketching to painting in acrylic. Through my love of art and my spiritual walk of life, I began creating mandala art. This form of meditation has shown me a visual and meditative window into how we feel and see ourselves. These beautiful creative art circles are relaxing and therapeutic to draw, paint and of course, view, given their mindful properties.

I have been drawn to stones and crystals because of their beauty for as long as I can remember. Only since the start of my spiritual journey, did I discover that they hold a vast range of properties; from power to serenity. Connecting with crystals, I can meditate to support mental, emotional and even physiological healing in either myself or others. Crystal energies help me every day during my meditations and musings to create an overall sense of wellbeing. Because of my love and appreciation of crystals, I wanted to begin passing these healing properties onto others, so I opened my own little crystal shop where I pride myself on my understanding, knowledge and personal experiences of the crystals.

My qualifications