My love of crystals, gemstones and their energies has led me onto my journey of discovery

Using crystals and connecting with their energy has helped me for many years

I use them regularly to meditate with and to soothe and release my own everyday life

My desire to share the beauty of these most natural stones has pointed the way for me to procure and connect to these energy crystals – making them available to friends, clients and new customers

To compliment the technical and metaphysical information online I prefer to connect intuitively with each crystal matching it perfectly to its new keeper

Meditation Course

with Carolyn Freeman & Georgie Corr

Join Carolyn and Georgie for a weekly chakra crystal meditation course to reduce stress and promote mindfulness. Each week, we will use a chakra relevant crystal stone to meditate with and each session will conclude with crystal sound bowl meditation. 

43 Albany Road, Fleet, GU51 3PU

Seven Week Course

Each participant will receive over £14 worth of chakra crystals