I meditate every day and have found different ways of accessing this difficult technique in a busy and stressful life.

I encourage varying forms of meditation including art, mandalas, visualisation, mindful chores, walking in nature, Reiki, guided meditation, mindful breath techniques, moving meditations, chanting and singing.

I compliment my meditation by using the power and calmness of crystals to support mental and emotional healing and to create an overall sense of profound well-being, releasing tension and stress.

There is no wrong way to meditate. I aim to help everyone find their own unique tool to their meditation so that they find mindfulness and peace in their lives.

Becoming aware of our own inner ‘Google search’ can help to free us from the constant chatter within our minds.

Meditations help us to know ourselves better and to accept who we really are, discovering our true authentic self.

Meditation Course

with Carolyn Freeman & Georgie Corr

Join Carolyn and Georgie for a weekly chakra crystal meditation course to reduce stress and promote mindfulness. Each week, we will use a chakra relevant crystal stone to meditate with and each session will conclude with crystal sound bowl meditation. 

43 Albany Road, Fleet, GU51 3PU

Seven Week Course

Each participant will receive over £14 worth of chakra crystals