Reiki Healing Therapy and Treatment

Please email to arrange a time to visit my home in Fleet for hands-on Reiki therapy and healing and to share the awareness, release and wellbeing

Reiki is an integral part of my life and it has helped me grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally

I use my Reiki meditations and my Chakra intentions and mantras everyday to offer reiki healing therapy and reiki training for those who wish to grow their own awareness and insight

Our bodies are made of energy and when blockages occur through trauma and daily experiences we need to find release. The Chakras give us a window of insight into where our lives may be out of balance and by using the intentions and hands-on healing we can bring awareness, release and healing – not only physically but mentally, emotionally and spiritually

Reiki hands-on therapy and healing works along the seven main Chakra points and it is very relaxing to receive

Reiki Training is a self-help tool which will grow with the awareness and insight into our own lives as we get to know our own energy flow which is inside and outside all of us

I compliment my Reiki therapy and healing by using the power and calmness of crystals to support mental and emotional healing and to create an overall sense of profound well-being, releasing tension and stress

What we think affects our external world, so becoming mindful and positive gets us back into our natural, healthy and authentic flow of life

Reiki Training & Attunement

The Reiki system of natural healing uses gentle, non-invasive touch to accelerate the body’s natural healing processes, to support mental and emotional healing and to create an overall sense of profound well-being

Brought to the West some 90 years ago, Reiki has become one of the most popular healing systems around the world – it is used in hospitals, hospices, spas, health clubs and wellness centers

Professional training uniquely blends the classical Japanese tradition with the Western Reiki style and my one-to-one sessions are focused on demonstrations and supervised hands-on practice and include ongoing mentoring and help

Universal reiki training is taught in 4 separate levels or degrees

Levels 1 & 2 address self healing of the mind, body, emotions and spirit – these hraling skills can then be passed onto others at level 3 and taught to others at level 4

Learning the Reiki system helps us heal and become aware of self and situations and enables a wiser and less reactive approach to life resulting in becoming calmer and more peaceful.

Please message me for more details if you are interested in learning the Usui Reiki healing system

Reiki share Group

Monthly share group for those attuned to Reiki. Sharing our universal energy is a brilliant way to de-stress and see your life from another perspective.

If you have have Usui levels 1, 2, 3 or 4 or are attuned to a different healing system then you are welcome to join our monthly group where we share, laugh and discuss this simple energy system

Relief from muscular pain and tension

Relief from chronic neck ache and shoulder stiffness

Helps with eye strain, jaw ache and sinus conjestion

Helps with sleep problems

Reduces anxiety

Helps with mental tiredness, depression and general negative feelings and thoughts

Revitalises and boosts energy

Can sometimes help promote hair growth

Indian Head Massage

Energy can get blocked in all of us and with the use of massage, intention and crystal energy during an Indian Head Massage these blockages can be released

I compliment my Indian Head Massage by using the power and calmness of crystals to support mental and emotional healing and to create an overall sense of profound well-being, releasing tension and stress

This is especially so on the neck and shoulders where we tend to carry most of our emotions and burdens

Massaging the pressure points also release tension from the meridian energy lines running through the whole body and so releases energy holistically from the whole body

Toxins are released during massage which increases blood flow to the brain and scalp lifting tension lines from the face, eyes and jaw

I hold SNHS (A Grade) and Gateway Workshops certificates in both the theory and practice of Indian Head Message

Reiki ethos for daily living

Do not worry

Do not anger

Be humble

Be honest in your work

Be compassionate to yourself and all living things

Timetable & Pricing

Prior Appointment

Reiki Healing Treatments

60 minute treatment – £50.00

Reiki Life Coaching

60 minute treatment – £50.00

Reiki Training & Attunement Level 1

4-6 hours – £225.00

Reiki Training & Attunement Level 2

4-6 hours – £250.00

Reiki Training & Attunement Level 3 Practitioner Level

5-6 hours – £275.00
with ongoing support

Reiki Training & Attunement Level 4 Teacher Level

6-8 hours – £300.00
with ongoing support

Indian Head Massage

30 minute treatment – £45.00